Much time has passed since my last post on here, in fact it's been over a year. 
A lot has happened over that time period including many audio projects, performances, collaborations and the release of new material. Over the next few months I will be updating and uploading some of the projects and material that has kept me busy over the past year and a half.
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For now here is the new look for Amnion

tiffaney bishop COLLECTIVE (tbC) is an artist run initiative based in Belgrave, Australia, that offers young people a studio environment to locate their arts practice in and to launch creative careers from. tbC artists facilitate collaborative and participatory arts making through aesthetic, interactive and game concepts.
Random Methodologies, 2014 is inspired by young tbC member Damien McIntyre's ability to see numbers in colour (synaesthesia). For Damien the number 1 is black, 2 is yellow, 3 is green, 4 is blue, 5 is red and 6 is pink. The artists at tbC found this number-colour sense fascinating and the many discussions that followed led to a range of artistic ideas, actions and outcomes.
Random Methodologies, Dice Soundscape 2014 is one of these works and is a collaboration between tiffaney bishop COLLECTIVE and sound artist Roderick Price. The roll of a dice directs the making of the work, which is composed of randomly selected, activated and deactivated sounds made and collected by tbC and Roderick Price. Each sound is programed into a midi player and attributed a number from 1-6. The piece evolves as the dice rolls and takes on an organic and unpredictable trajectory. Each work is unique, original and yet programmed. Whilst guided, no two works can ever be the same due to the randomness of the numbers rolled by the dice.
Watch the video to see and hear how this audio process plays out.
Headphones recommended
2013 was a productive and inspiring year full of new ideas, new people and collaborations.
With this 25min mixtape I present a sonic weave of past projects mixed with some new sounds I'm producing in 2014.
This is kind of a rough mix but basically I just wanted to get out some of the material from 2013 that either went unreleased, unused or still in demo stasis. Figured mixing this material with a recap of sounds from the 2013 would make for an interesting audio tapestry and a nice entry into the new year.

Amnion - MIXTAPE (2013-2014) [headphones recommended]

Oh.. and Happy New Year

Submitted my chosen top ten list for Bottle-Imp Productions.
Deciding on ten albums was a hard task as I think 2013 was a great year for music.
Click the link to read my list along with other Bottle-Imp artist choices.
Here's to more great sounds in 2014  

Over the last few months I have been involved with the heavily progressive and experimental art think space known as the Tiffaney Bishop Collective.
My initial involvement with tbC was simply made by association through one of my art students needing to get out of a creative vacuum. The tbC helped her to find artistic direction and support with her folio development.
Since my first meeting with Tiffaney at the studio I have found my self engaging with the young creatives who dwell in this space and produce amazing work. I was asked if I'd present to the group at one of the studio school workshops a little insight into my practice and for that I gave a presentation on sound art, audio production and performance.
I am now currently involved with a new and developing project with tbC for which I'am creating an interactive soundscape installation.
This soundscape is initiated, directed and composed via the roll of the dice. Tiffaney explains... The Dice is used in a similar way to an early incarnation of this work - triggering, directing and composing works randomly. (inspired by tbC member Damien McIntyre's synaesthetic ability to see numbers as colours). 
The audio side of this project moves into version two in February next year when it will be installed at the Footscray Community Arts Centre

You can listen to some of the soundscapes produced at the End of the Line festival last month here on my Soundcloud. Combination of field recordings, synthesised materials and manipulated vocal tracks.

Sonic Sketching [tbC] by Amnion
New release by Wychdoktor featuring a remix by Amnion. Heavy industrial and rhythmic material with  deep ambience and ritual soundscape. I'm honoured to have contributed to such a strong release.
Check it out on the Wychdoktor Bandcamp.
Copies of the remix album are printed, pressed and ready for shipping. You can get a digital download from most digital online retailers and you can also get a CD copy from the Bottle-Imp Productions store


am·ni·on >the innermost membrane that encloses the embryo.

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AMNION is the brainchild of Roderick Price and is the vehicle for his dark, brooding style of electronic music and sound design work.
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